The British Orthopaedic Trainees Association, BOTA, was set up under the direction of senior registrars and is affiliated to the British Orthopaedic Association. Its membership has increased steadily to the current level of approximately 1,500 specialist registrars (and recently appointed consultants).

Orthopaedic surgeons make up approximately 40% of the membership of the Royal Colleges, and as the largest surgical subspecialty BOTA devolved from ASiT, the Association of Surgeons in Training, to represent the views of orthopaedics specifically.

BOTA is a highly respected and valued organisation that provides the membership with guidance on careers and career pathways in orthopaedics and trauma in the UK. As such, it acts as an essential voice for those involved in all aspects of orthopaedic surgery.

The BOTA JOINT Yearbook, being the main official publication produced by the association and an important membership benefit, is an excellent resource for all orthopaedic and trauma trainees; collating the happenings of the year into a highly valued and informative document.

It provides members with an engaging publication, which includes a broad range of in-depth features, specialist papers, articles and content geared towards the interests of trainee orthopaedic and trauma surgeons and provides up to date careers and pathway advice.

With this important publication being distributed to all 1,500 members of BOTA, its extended life and its invaluable content makes it an ideal publication to put across your message to the orthopaedic and trauma surgical professionals of the future.


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